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(1 point) the summer monsoon brings 80% of india's rainfall and is essential for the country's agriculture. records going back more than a century show that the amount of monsoon rainfall varies from year to year according to a distribution that is approximately normal with mean 852 millimeters (mm) and standard deviation 82 mm. use the 68-95-99.7 rule to answer the following questions. (a) between what values do the monsoon rains fall in 95% of all years Get the answer
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(1 point) this is a standard deviation contest. (a) the number 9 is part of a four-number data set. what must the other three numbers be (repeats allo


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(1 point) two solutions of salt water contain 0.06% and 0.26% salt respectively. a lab technician wants to make 1 liter of solution which contains 0.1


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(1 point) use the "mixed partials" check to see if the following differential equation is exact. if it is exact find a function f(x, y) whose differen