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(1 p. 1. dale is speaking to a group of students about the importance of extracurricular activities. he provides specific scenarios to show the audience how the information presented will affect them directly. dale is fulfilling which goal of informational speaking? o to enhance understanding oto be heard oto maintain interest oto be remembered Get the answer
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(1 point) 1. tim is a low-level supervisor, but he runs his department with a heavy hand. he directs his employees to perform tasks in specific ways,


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(1 point) 15. column 1 would be on the x-axis, and column 2 would be on the y-axis. which best lists the titles of each column? column 1 should be ti


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(1 point) 5. how many more books do you need to read over the summer if you already read 4 books and you need to read a total of 16 books? write an e