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(07.05 hc)in an experiment, hydrochloric acid reacted with different volumes of sodium thiosulfate in water. a yellow precipitate was formed during the reaction. a cross drawn at the base of each flask became gradually invisible due the formation of this yellow precipitate. the time taken for the cross to become invisible was recorded. a partial record of the experiment is shown.experimental recordflask volume ofhcl volume ofsodium thiosulfate volume ofwater time1 10 ml 10 ml 40 ml 14 seconds2 10 ml 20 ml 30 ml 3 10 ml 30 ml 20 ml 4 10 ml 40 ml 10 ml based on your knowledge of factors that affect the rates of chemical reactions, predict the trend in the last column of the experimental record. use complete sentences to explain the trend you predicted. you do not have to determine exact values for time; just describe the trend you would expect (increase or decrease) and why it occurs. (5 points) Get the answer
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(07.05 mc) an equation is shown below: 8x + 2(x – 7) = 7x + 3x – 14 part a: solve the equation and write the number of solutions. show all the steps.


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(07.05 mc)why was the silk road important to the development of china? the country had previously been isolated from the other ancient civilizations,


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(07.06 lc) which statement is true about the equation fraction 4 over 5z ? fraction 1 over 5z + 4 = fraction 3 over 5z + 6? it has no solution. it has