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(05.05)the width of a rectangle is shown below: a coordinate plane with a point a at negative 3, 3 and c at negative 3, negative 4. if the area of the rectangle to be drawn is 35 square units, where should points b and d be located if they lie to the right of points a and c? b(2, 4) and d(2, ?3) b(2, 3) and d(2, ?4) b(3, 3) and d(3, ?4) b(3, ?4) and d(3, 3) Get the answer
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(05.06 hc)which of the following best explains why latin is used today to describe many scientific and legal terms? many important scientific discove


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(05.06 mc) read the text and the question. then, choose the correct option to answer the question. ¡hola, chicos! me llamo carlos y hace dos meses qu


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(05.06 mc) the distance, y, in miles, traveled by a car for a certain amount of time, x, in hours, is shown in the graph below. motion of a car 84 70