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(05.04 lc) triangle pqr with side p across from angle p, side q across from angle q, and side r across from angle r if ?r measures 18°, q equals 9.5, and p equals 6.0, then which length can be found using the law of cosines? Get the answer
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(05.05 hc) the graph shows the distance y, in miles, of a moving train from a station over a certain period of time, x, in hours.


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(05.05 mc) determine the empirical formula of a compound containing 40.6 grams of carbon, 5.1 grams of hydrogen, and 54.2 grams of oxygen in an exper


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(05.05) a student is running a 5-kilometer race. he runs 1 kilometer every 3 minutes. select the function that describes his distance from the fini