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(03.01 mc) compare the emergence of advanced civilizations in meso and south america with the four early river valley civilizations. which of the following statements is true about both the mayan and ancient mesopotamian civilizations. they both created accurate calendars. their civilizations both continue today. neither of them had written languages. neither of them developed city-states. plz need help asap Get the answer
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(03.01 mc)alex and lara have $21.00 each to spend at a book fair, where all students receive a 35% discount. they both want to purchase a copy of the


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(03.01) a relation is (1 point) o the output (y) values of the relation o the input (x) values of the relation o a set of points that pair input val


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(03.01) a certain bank assigns one unique number to each savings account. the amount of savings in each account depends on how much the owner deposit