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"all who recall the condition of the country in 1890 will remember that...the country was in real danger from another kind of slavery...that would result from the aggregations of capital in the hands of a few individuals and [businesses] controlling, for their own profit and advantage exclusively, the entire business of the country, including the production and sale of the necessaries of life." -supreme court justice john marshall harlan, 1911 in this excerpt, justice harlan is warning against- a civil service based on patronage rather than merit allowing labor unions to interfere with production goals allowing powerful monopolies to dominate interstate commerce a lack of federal funding for essential transportation systems Get the answer
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"among our ancestors, those who feared animals, darkness, and heights were more likely to survive long enough to reproduce." the person who believes t


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"among social workers in selected u. s. urban areas, are the personality characteristics of need for structure or in-group preference related to preju


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"an occurrence at owl creek bridge" uses what technique as its main structure? a. crisis b. denouement c. flashback d. vignette