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( you don't need to draw if you don't want to, but if you want you can. just choose the pictures. ) draw figures that represent three individuals from medieval europe—a noble, a commoner, and a knight. draw facial features on each figure to express how he might have felt about events that led to feudalism’s decline. then, fill in thought bubbles for each figure by • describing an event leading to the decline of feudalism from that person's perspective (include thoughts, feelings, and observations). • explaining how the event affected that person's life. • predicting how the decline of feudalism will affect that person's role in medieval society. • check that your writing is free of misspellings and grammatical errors. need for tomorrow Get the answer
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( and 50 points! ) robert has a collection of nickles, dimes, and quarters. the total value of the coins is $8.50. he has 3 times as many nickles as d


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( c) it is 3.30 p. m in india when the film awards event is held in montreal, canada which is at 74° west. what must have been the time in montreal? ?


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( correct answers only ) one of the main jobs of the excretory system is to remove carbon dioxide from the body. a. true b. false 17 the trachea is