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( need help asap) if parallelogram abcd was reflected over the y-axis, reflected over the x-axis, and rotated 180°, where would point a' lie? [hint: place your coordinates in the blank with no parentheses and a space after the comma in the form: x, y] parallelogram abcd is shown. a is at negative 4, 1. b is at negative 3, 2. c is at 0, 2. d is at negative 1, 1. (fill in the blank) Get the answer
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( please help ) 1. compare the strengths and weaknesses of the horizontal and vertical methods for adding and subtracting polynomials. include common


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( plleeaaseee help me it’s due at 10 pm :(( the thematic focus of unit 1 was society's influence over the individual. explain how bradbury explores t


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( question) physical properties are- a. traits you can assess using your 5 senses (see, hear, smell, touch, hear) b. traits that must be tested in a