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'xercise 1: make conditional sentences 1. she got married at such an early age, so she isn't at university now. 2. she works in the evening. she has no time to play with her children. 3. as she is often absent from class, she can't keep pace with her classmates. 4. it's very cold, so we can't go swimming. 5. you drink too much coffee; that's why you can't sleep. 6. we don't have a big house. we can't invite friends to stay 7. the flats are not clearly numbered, so it is very difficult to find anyone. 8. i couldn't write to alice because i didn't know her address. 9. we got lost because we didn't have a map. 10. the farmers didn't have enough rain , so they could not grow rice. 11. his friends were late, so they missed the train. 12. make me some coffee, and i'll give you one of my biscuits. 13. you won't ask the teacher. he won't explain the lesson to you. 14. city life isn't enjoyable because everything is very expensive. 15. i didn't bring extra money with me because you didn't tell me we were going to dinner after the movie.? Get the answer
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( 1 2 3 which of the following is not a production employee? o chef o cook which of the following is not a production employee one chef to cook three


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