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#mentalhealth #physicalhealth ok listen up, if you're reading this right now, it's a sign that everything will settle down sooner or later. take deep breaths..5 seconds inhale, hold in for 3 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds. it's alright, it's going to be ok i promise. i know it may not seem like it at the moment..and i know that i'm just a stranger. i may not know what you're going through. but please stay strong. keep your head held up high, wipe those tears away and smile. become stronger. change positively and not in negative manners. know that there are people that believe in you and that there are people that love you..you may be too blind to see it at the moment but you will eventually.. : ) i just wanted to say that, ..that's all. dear readers, no matter what's going on right now, no matter what hardships or problems you're facing, be patient. love yourself.. someone would tell me: "be positive, stay positive" and i wanted to give out this message. you are not alone, i promise. Get the answer
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#what is the value of the discriminant for the quadratic equation –3 = –x2 + 2x? discriminant = b2 – 4ac –8 4 8 16


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#when i write you. s. identify some of these letters. write the best answer in the space1. a letter you address to someone you love ismy2. a letter


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#write a function called "scramble" that accepts a string #as an argument and returns a new string. the new string #should start with the last half of