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#it helps in the proper function ing of computer hardware. 1 application software2users3 hardware software4 system software#is designed to solve a specific problem or to do a specific task1 application software2 system software3 utility software4 user#set of programs which can sit of full set of document is termed as:1 database package2 file package3 bus package4 software package#translator for low level programming language were termed as:1 assembler2 compiler3 linker4 interpreter#what is the name of a utility that protects your computer against downloading malicious code:1 file compassion program2 antivirus program3 backup program4 troubleshooting program? Get the answer
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#s:which property could be used to solve the equation below? 1 point x100 = 4 commutative property associative property distributive property multipl


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#what is the value of the discriminant for the quadratic equation –3 = –x2 + 2x? discriminant = b2 – 4ac –8 4 8 16


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#when i write you. s. identify some of these letters. write the best answer in the space1. a letter you address to someone you love ismy2. a letter