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#6 look at the two circles below. they share a center point. the largercircle has a radius of 10 inches. the distance between the smaller circleand the larger circle is 2 inches. which best represents the shaded areabetween the two circles? *10 in.2 in.113 square inches515 square inches36 square inches314 square inches Get the answer
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#6: at the baseball game, the gregorys bought 5 hot dogs and 2 hamburgers and paid $27.00. the harts purchases 3 hot dogs and 4 hamburgers and paid $2


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#6: in 2018, the number of students at the villages high school was 975 and is increasing at a rate of 2.5% per year. write and use an exponential gro


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#7 - according to the author, what makes stress healthy?* o a - stress can be healthy if the child receives comfort from a caregiver. o b - stress can