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"a registered representative makes it a regular practice to check in with his actively trading customers at least once a week and with his inactively trading customers at least once a month. some of his less active customers are senior citizens who are getting on in years. he calls one of these elderly clients as part of his regular monthly contacting and finds that the customer does not recognize who he is and appears to be disoriented. the first thing the representative should do is:" Get the answer
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"a researcher wishes to determine the effects of an outdoor adventure summer camp on the self-concept of inner-city boys. boys are randomly assigned t


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"a sample of 64 hotels in atlanta was selected in order to determine whether or not the average room price is significantly different from $110. the a


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"a simple random sample of 49 8th graders at a large suburban middle school indicated that 84% of them are involved with some type of after school act