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#2) the length of time people age 20-24 years spend driving per day is 52 minutes, with population standard deviation of 2.2 minutes. assume the time is normally distributed. a) use the "normal calculator" in statcrunch as you did in the practice problem to find the probability that a randomly selected person in this age range has a drive time greater than 53 minutes. copy your results from statcrunch into your work/document. b) now consider a distribution of sample means (section 5.4). you randomly select a sample of 20 people in this age range. what is the mean of this distribution? what is the standard deviation of this distribution? use the "normal calculator" in statcrunch to find the probability that the mean of this sample of 20 people is greater than 53 minutes. after the computation with the normal calculator, click on ctrl, alt, print screen to capture your screen and paste it into your solution file. Get the answer
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#25 in west virginia state board of education v. barnette (1943), the supreme court ruled that group of answer choices a. amish children are not requi


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#28. which is not an ideal form of governance according to aristotle? a. monarchy b. polity c. oligarchy d. aristocracy


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#2: tell whether the function below is linear or exponential. y = 4 • 2^x answers o linear o exponential