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#1john is moving to a new apartment. heneeds to rent a storage unit, to store his extrastuff. the unit he rents is 5 feet wide, 12 feetlong, and 9 feet high. what is the volume, incubic feet of the storage unit1) 5402) 5603) 11241360 Get the answer
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#2 jamal is an apprentice on a boat on long island sound. he is helping the captain collect samples of marine life for an environmental study, and th


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#2 which best represents the area of a circle with a radius of 12 inches? *75 square inches144 square inches452 square inches1809 square inches


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#2) a stake is being pulled out of the ground by means of two ropes as shown. knowing that a =30°, determine by trigonometry(a) the magnitude of the