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#1:elenaquestions:1.should this person open anew credit card? why orwhy not?• freshman in college, living on collegecampus• her parents pay room and boardwhat's one more piece ofevidence you'd like toknow about this individualbefore making an ultimatedecision on whether theyshould open the account?has loans, grants, scholarships coveringtuitionhas own checking and savings accountsand a 10-hour per week work study jobdoes not currently have any credit cards3.if they do open the newcredit card account, what'sone thing this individualshould monitor or usecaution about?bud they Get the answer
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#2 distance (d) = 37.5cm #3 height (y) = 71cm ramp 1 average- 0.303 ramp 1 range cm 47 ramp 2 average 0.427 ramp 2 range cm 34 y= v_o t+ 1?2 gt^2 (hi


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#2 distance (d) = 37.5cm #3 height (y) = 71cmramp position time (s) average range (cm)1 0.302 0.315 0.295 0.308 0.297 0.303 472 0.421 0.432 0.419 0.4


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#2 jamal is an apprentice on a boat on long island sound. he is helping the captain collect samples of marine life for an environmental study, and th