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# 2 a) underline the relative subordinates in "who". b) rewrite the sentences, replacing the relative subordinates in "who" by an adjectival group or by a participative group. where there are two black chips, offer two rewrites. add the comma where it is needed. the sentence: a tree that was sick has been uprooted. ?? ?? Get the answer
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# mariah mudd # 6/22/20 # purpose:things about me. def main(): print("my name is mariah. i just turned 15. my favorite movie is scarface. i listen to


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# script to translate into java for project 4 import random class lottoselection: # num_balls is the total number of balls # available for drawing wit


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# of pens cost of box 12- $25 50- $ ? 100- $175 the partially filled chart above shows the costof three sizes of boxes of pens sold by an office supp