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"what happened to 'dee'?" i wanted to know. "she's dead," wangero said. "i couldn't bear it any longer, being named after the people who oppress me." what is symbolized in wangero’s rejection of her given name? the freedom to choose her own destiny. her loyalty to her new boyfriend. her desire to appear more educated than her family. a desire to disassociate herself from her upbringing. Get the answer
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"what if: keeping the length found in (a) fixed, by what factor would the length of the 3.50 m side have to be changed for the angles and to be equal?


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"what is apple's vertical analysis percentage for revenue? what is apple's vertical analysis percentage for cost of sales? what is microsoft's vertica


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"what is a learning management system?" is an example of which sq3r step? question 11 options: recite review questioning reading 1; recite 2; review