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"the phenomenon of road rage has been frequently discussed but infrequently examined." so begins a report based on interviews with 1345 randomly selected drivers. the respondents' answers to interview questions produced scores on an "angry/threatening driving scale" with values between 0 and 19, larger values indicating more angry/threatening behaviors. what driver characteristics go with road rage? there were no significant differences among races or levels of education. what about the effect of the driver's age? here are the means and standard deviations for a measure of "angry/threatening driving" for random samples of drivers in three age groups: Get the answer
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"the popularity of cell phones has expanded among adolescents in the past few decades as well, and now 78 percent of teens use cell phones." which typ


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"the population of a city has greatly increased since 1900. current proposals for development include expansion of the train station and stops through


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"the potentially valid arguments for tariff protection are also the most easily abused. " what are those arguments? why are they susceptible to abuse?