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"my earliest recollection is of the knob creek place." so wrote abraham lincoln on june 4, 1860, to samuel haycraft of elizabethtown, kentucky. haycraft had invited the future president to visit his childhood home in kentucky. the lincoln family lived on 30 acres of the 228 acre knob creek farm from the time abraham was two and a half until he was almost eight years old. here he learned to talk and soon grew big enough to run errands such as carrying water, and gathering wood for the fires. abraham recalled in later years numerous memories of his childhood here; a stone house he had passed while taking corn to hodgen's mill; a certain big tree that had attracted his boyish fancy; the old homestead; the clear stream where he fished; and the surrounding hills where he picked berries were all impressed on his mind. -"abraham lincoln's boyhood home at knob creek," national park service what type of source is "abraham lincoln's boyhood home at knob creek?" a secondary source that uses some primary source content a primary source that uses some secondary source content a secondary source that does not use any primary source content a primary source that does not use any secondary source content Get the answer
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"my right to free speech means you can't stop me from saying anything i want to." evaluate the validity of this statement.


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"my sock hide from me after i dry them!" is this a simile or an idiom and if not, what part of speech is it then? thank you in advance to whoever ans


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"narrative as a new england farmer, write a letter to relatives in europe describing your family’s daily life as subsistence farmers."