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"marley wants to open a chain of coffee shops but needs some investors. her friend marc tells her that she should be sure that she satisfies the requirements of the sec. marc tells her that she has to provide information to the sec involving a description of the securities, an explanation of how proceeds will be used, information regarding the management of the company and other matters. he tells her that she also has to provide a document to the sec that will be provided as an advertising tool to potential investors who can rely on it to decide whether they should buy the securities. marley says that she does not want to do that. she explains to marc that insofar as the coffee shop venture is concerned, she does not want to advertise, and she only wants to offer securities to a limited number of wealthy friends. particularly, she has her friend annaliese in mind, who has a net worth of at least $3 million." which of the following is a term that describe marley as an investor? 1. approved 2. sophisticated 3. accredited 4. superior 5. solvent Get the answer
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"may george, beloved by all the nations round, live with heav'ns choicest constant blessings crown'd!" wheatley uses the word crown’d to express the


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"may i have the car keys?" is a familiar refrain to many parents of teenagers, and although it is almost a cliché for older adults, it may come as a 1


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"may his house become empty, may no one live in it." 1) who were these words spoken to? 2) where were they at the time?