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"love is like the wind.. you can feel it but you can't see it." i fell in love with a boy named joshua. he was amazing, cocky, loving, caring, truthful, respectful, and so much more. he was always smiling and happy. he loved to make other people happy even if he wasn't happy. he was the love of my life. when he asked me to be his girlfriend, i was the happiest person alive. i gladly accepted his request and we became lovers. he told me that he wanted to grow old with me, and that he wanted to get married, and have 4 kids, and cuddle each other for the rest of our lives. he made me super happy. the day he asked me to marry him, i was speechless. i couldn't believe that someone like him would want to be with me forever. i said yes, and he was so happy. but sadly, this is where our love story ends. on saturday joshua sadly passed away. he left this world, but now he is in a better place. the last thing he said to me was, "mes love you to". forever and always josh will be the love of my life, and i will be his. joshua, i will never forget you, forever in my heart and memories you will be. i love you so much joshua. r. i.p. forever yours, bre. Get the answer
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"luker corporation uses a process costing system. the company had $160,500 of beginning finished goods inventory on october 1. it transferred in $837,


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"luxury linens (ll) manufactures a line of luxury bed linens. ll's products can be purchased only through the company's web site. this ownership of ou


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"mmp incorporated generated fcf in the most recently completed year of $780,000. we expect fcf to grow by 10% in year 1, 8% in year 2 and 7% in year t