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01:59:53 zubair needs to change some of the data in a table that he has created. how should he go about selecting a row in the table? move the mouse pointer to a point before the text in a cell o move the mouse pointer to the blank space at the left of the desired row o move the mouse pointer to the top or bottom border of a column o none of the above Get the answer
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01:pretest english 1 cr ccss (m) (prescriptive): sermhs fall 2021 taylor / 1:literary 8. read the beginning of the poem "a dream deferred," by langst


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02 blue light has a frequency of about 7.5 x 1014 hz. calculate the energy, in joules, of a single photon associated with this frequency


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02 vectors u and v have magnitudes of 20 and 13, respectively, and the angle between them is 210° what is the scalar projection of u onto v? a.17 32