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0.5 kg ball is at the top of a ramp which is 8 meters high. how much kinetic energy does the ball have at the bottom of the ramp? a. 4 j b. 10 j c. 40 j d. 400 j Get the answer
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0.50 mole of kci, a strong electrolyte, is added to 2.0kg of water. the boiling point of the solution will be the boiling point of pure water. - hig


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0.5008 g of an unknown triprotic acid, h3a, is dissolved in 47.3 ml of water and then titrated with 0.315 m naoh. it takes 25.72 ml of the naoh soluti


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0.52 g of sodium was added to 100 cm3 of water. calculate: a) the volume of hydrogen evolved at 298 k and 100 kpa. b) the concentration of the sodium