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"john t. was a solider in the civil war who lived in the unassigned lands. he left his land and returned at noon on april 22, 1889, to claim the land. mark s. rode in from the western border at noon on the same day and claimed the same plot of land." based on the precedent set in township of kingfisher v. wood and fossett, what would you expect the verdict of this land dispute to be? a. john t. will keep the land as a reward for serving his country. b. mark s. will keep the land because he started outside the territory. c. john t. will keep the land because he did not leave the territory. d. neither of these men will be allowed to keep their claims. Get the answer
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"julie has six photos that she has taken, framed and are hanging in a row on the wall. if she wants to rearrange them so that the middle two photos st


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"just plain luck" what events, occurrences, or factors weren't caused by anything or anyone, particularly, but just proved to be very fortunate for t


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"keep right" 17. this sign means: a. change lanes to the right b. drive to the right c. slower traffic should move to the right?