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"it's not that we're not satisfied with the work you've done, " insisted the ceo to his longtime contractor, “but our analysis indicates that ending this partnership may benefit us both identify the grammar checklist error in the sentence above. select one: a. no error b. subject-verb agreement c. pronoun number agreement with related nouns d. run on sentence Get the answer
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Hedda Galya 55 Minutes ago

"jamir finds the number of followers to his twitter account can be modeled using the function rule of f = m2 + 9, where "m" represents months and "f"


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"jane westerlund owns a picture-framing shop, the caplow co. the average price she receives for a picture she frames for a customer is $120. her avera


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"jason is with a large group of friends at the movie theater. he plans on buying a few popcorns and drinks for his friends. each popcorn cost $4 and e