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"it's like all of a sudden he let go a million moths all over the dusty furniture 2 and swan-neck shadows and in our bones" is * hyperbole simile alliteration all of the above Get the answer
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Ehud Raghnall 55 Minutes ago

"jack and jill want to rent separate apartments on the third floor" of a new building by the river. the building has nine apartments available, number


Hedda Galya 1 Hours ago

"jamir finds the number of followers to his twitter account can be modeled using the function rule of f = m2 + 9, where "m" represents months and "f"


Ehud Raghnall 1 Hours ago

"jane westerlund owns a picture-framing shop, the caplow co. the average price she receives for a picture she frames for a customer is $120. her avera