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. write a program, array range, that asks the user to input integers and that displays the difference between the largest and the smallest. you should ask the user the number of integers s/he would like to enter (this will allow you to set the length of the array). allow the user to input all the numbers and then store them in the array. search the array for the largest number, then search for the smallest, and finally compute the calculation. display all the numbers given by the user, the max number, the min number, and the difference Get the answer
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. write an expression to show how much longer the round trip to baltimores than the round trip to ailbany how many terms does the expression have?


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. write down the molecular weight of the following compounds. 1. ammonium nitrate nh4 no3 = 1 x14 + (4x1)+ 1 x 14 +(3x16) = 14 + 4 + 14 +48 = 80 amu.


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. write down the “word chemical equation” for the following described chemical reaction. 1.when harris dropped a lump of magnesium into a test tube of