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. tucker is making emergency kits to share with friends. he has 20 bottles of water and 12 cans of food, which he would like to distribute equally among the kits. what is the greatest number of kits tucker can make? * 1 point a. 12 kits b. 20 kits c. 240 kits d. 4 kits Get the answer
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. two charges, q1 and q2 , are separated by a certain distance r. if the magnitudes of the charges are halved, and their separation is also halved, th


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. two experiments are conducted in which a single 6-sided die is rolled 20 and 80 times. the outcomes of the experiments are shown below. for each res


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. two lenses, separated by a distance of 50.0 cm are used in combination. the firstlens, located to the left, has a focal length of 15.0 cm. the secon