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. translate the trapezoid 13 units right. -. reflect it over the dotted line. . translate it 4 units down. . reflect it over the y axis. - rotate it 90° counter clockwise around the origin. - reflect the trapezoid over the y axis. rotate it 180° around point d. shade in the trapezoid after step 7. orksheet. com Get the answer
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. trisha walked of a mile to school.she shaded a model to show how farshe had walked.which decimal shows how far trishawalked?


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. tucker is making emergency kits to share with friends. he has 20 bottles of water and 12 cans of food, which he would like to distribute equally amo


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. two left feet ltd produces and sells a single product, the claud at shs.500. the unit manufacturing cost of claud is shs.200 and total fixed manufa