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. suppose an instruction takes 1/2 microsecond to execute (on the average), and a page fault takes 250 microseconds of processor time to handle plus 10 milliseconds of disk time to read in the page. (a) how many pages a second can the disk transfer? (b) suppose that 1/3 of the pages are dirty. it takes two page transfers to replace a dirty page. compute the average number of instructions between page fault that would cause the system to saturate the disk with page traffic, that is, for the disk to be busy all the time doing page transfers. Get the answer
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. suppose the market for personal computers in country a is monopolistically competitive. country a exports as well as imports personal computers from


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. suppose you buy a five-year zero-coupon treasury bond for $800 per $1000 face value. answer the following questions: (a) what is the yield to maturi


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. suppose you plan to make a box that will hold exactly 40 one-inch cubes. give the dimensions (ex: 1in x 1in x 40in) of 3 possible boxes you can crea