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. . the admiral . . . commanded his fleet not to fall upon [the spanish ships]. . . . notwithstanding, the vice-admiral, sir richard grenville, being in the ship called the revenge, went into the spanish fleet and shot among them, doing them great hurt; and thinking the rest of the company would have followed: which they did not, but left him there and sailed away. the cause why, could not be known. which the spaniards perceiving, with seven or eight ships they boarded her: but she withstood them all, fighting with them, at the least, twelve hours together: and sank two of them. . . . but, in the end, by reason of the number that came upon her, she was taken; to their great loss: for they had lost in fighting and by drowning, above four hundred men. of the englishmen, there were slain about a hundred.” —john huyghen van linschoten, as quoted in eyewitness to history how long did the revenge hold off the spaniards who were trying to board? a. one day c. twelve hours b. two days d. seventy-two hours Get the answer
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. 125g of water has an initial temperature of 25.6°c, and is heated by 50.0g of a metal which has been heated to 115.0°c. the metal heats the water s


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. 15cm 11cm 5cm. please help find the area and the perimeter of the right triangle using formular below p= a+h+da=b×h


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. 2. setting up a system in your home for everyone to apply the 3 rs every day and with every piece of rubbish. you will have separate containers for