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. . question 1 your business studies educator has requested you and your womends to sell the following food items during break at the school luckshop ple chips hot cakes bananas and apples 1.1. develop a questionnaire with 4 items that will help you to determine various preferences from other learners note that your research sample should consist of the following all grades (8-12) must be represented. include both male and female learners. 12. write a report about all your findings. 1.2.2. draw a flyer of all food items you want to sell (5) include all the important information in your flyer. 1.2.3. rank the food items according to demand (2) 1.2.4. present the information obtained in 1.4 on a pie chart (6) 1.2.5. there are several activities you have to plan before your business can start i. e. trading list at least 5 activities. (10) use a gantt chart to plan them properly. (7) ? Get the answer
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. 1. a child randomly selects a jellybean from a jar of jellybeans. 7 the probability that the child selects a grape jellybean is 23 and the probabili


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. 125g of water has an initial temperature of 25.6°c, and is heated by 50.0g of a metal which has been heated to 115.0°c. the metal heats the water s


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. 15cm 11cm 5cm. please help find the area and the perimeter of the right triangle using formular below p= a+h+da=b×h