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. in the diagram, polygon abcd is reflected across ep to make polygon a'b'cd'. which statement must be true? ?? oa ab = bb' ??, bb' i dd' oc fai ad od. hb = hb' reset next Get the answer
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. john is having a new deck built. he paid $485 for the required materials, and he will pay his brother $25 an hour to build the deck. which table sh


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. last month, a gallon of milk cost $2 and a gallon of gas cost $4. this month, milk is $4 per gallon and gas is $6 per gallon. matthias is not sure


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. let f(x) = 3x + 5 and g(x) = x2. find and state its domain. ; domain is the set of all real numbers ; domain is the set of all real numbers except