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. jonathan landreth reading diagnostic assessment reader tools info save and exit 15 select the correct text in the passage which words in the passage best help clarify the meaning of deficit? a national budget is a document that estimates a nation's annual income and expenditures. a budget deficit occurs when a nation spends more money than it earns. if this imbalance continues, it can result in the gradual accumulation of national debt. this debt may be owed to many different types of creditors, including other governments or international banks. as debt increases due to interest, the nation may have inadequate funds to repay its creditors. this situation can negatively affect the ability of the country to borrow money in the future, reset submit Get the answer
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. q7 what do maya's thoughts, feelings, and actions in response to her mother's injury reveal about her traits and motivations? a. she is caring, ob


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. read the passage. … into the dangerous world i leapt, helpless, naked, piping loud; … struggling in my father’s hands, striving against my swaddli


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. the first half of the twentieth century saw an increase in the development of railways, roadways, or airways. in the united states. after world w