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-the diary of murasaki shikibu murasaki shikibu's description of lady saisho shows that a. she was quite wealthy. c. she was suffering from an illness. b. she was a beautiful woman. d. the two women were enemies. please select the best answer from the choices provided ?? ob oc mark this and return save and exit next Get the answer
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-unit 1- using a number line, explain the result of the following scenario: (7.ns. 10) (pa.1., pa.1.b) "jamie made $20 babysitting and then spent $20


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-use the map on page 3 and the timeline on page 4 to help you describe the following city-states and kingdoms: - meroe: -axum: -ethiopia: -swahili: -


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-write full sentences. add the missing words (completa las palabras faltantes para que la oración estè correcta) 1- we wanted/drive/nebraska/thanksgiv