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!please explain it easy so i understand it! elliot has been running a lawn care business since 2000. he cuts grass, trims, and weed whacks yards for his customers throughout the season. each year, he has increased his fee by the same amount. the table shows what elliot charged each customer for two given years of his business: year lawn care fee 2000 $750 2010 $1350 a. what is the rate of change and initial value for elliot’s business? how do you know? b. write an equation in slope-intercept form to represent the fees that elliot charges each year. Get the answer
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!please help! when representing a frequency distribution with a bar chart, which of these bars will be the shortest? a. a bar representing a frequenc


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!pluto question! consider the explicit formulas for two sequences. f(n) = 2^(n – 1) - 1 g(n) = 3n + 6 which mathematical statement is correct? a. g(8


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!plz help! !i keep getting different answers! cellular respiration refers to: a. breathing. b. the diffusion of oxygen into the cells. c. the transfer