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- ab x, x | aay. as?????c? ?????cdc ?????cdc ???bcdc ???????? ????? ??????l ??? ???bccc ?????????????? ??????? ??????? ???????1 body text t list para... 1 no spac... normal 1 table pa... heading 1 heading 2 title subtitle subtle em... emphasis intense e... strong quotefontparagraphstylesoutline requirements (when applicable to row assignments)..each chapter is divided into topic headings; use the example below as a guidelineto create a section or chapter outline as assignedtwo main points are required for each heading in the section or chapter assigned.the outline can be handwritten or typed and attached to the remainder of the rowassignment, the outline is worth 25 points of the row assignment.if an outline is assigned and is not completed, 25 points will be deducted from theentire assignmentiaexamples:i headingmain pointi definitionii. example1. connectionb. main pointi definitionii. example111. connectionheadingmain pointi definitionii. exampleiii. connectionb. main pointi. definitioni. exampleiii. connectioninflammatory diseasesystemic inflammationinflammation affects entire bodyi. a fever can result from thisili. caused by severe infectionb. acute inflammationi. inflammation occurs suddenlyii. exposure to an allergen111. immediate reaction to a bee stingcardiovascular systema circulatory systemi another name for cardiovascularii. transports bloodiii. can affect blood pressureb. hearti. a muscleii. pumps blood throughout body???. this is the pulse rateamain point:definition:example:connection:list heading within chapter or section assignedgive a brief definition of the main point termgive a brief example of where the main term and/or definition would be appliedgive a brief association of this main point with prior knowledge or main point Get the answer
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- contesta con vof según corresponda cada caso. 1- ) la ciencias naturales busca respuesta de conocer los fenómenos de estudios. 34 24.) la historia


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- easy points here- can someone please send a link to an article or write out a journal entry regarding the coronavirus pandemic (preferably addressin


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- factors of 10) venn diagram to show the union and inter(consonants in the word mathematics)(consonants in the word climate)(prime numbers smaller t