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!i need help!henrietta by 25 notebooks and 5 packs of pencils for her students.? she also buys packs of pens. in total, henrietta by 34 items. if notebooks, packs of pencils, and packs of pens are the only items that henrietta purchases, how many packs of pants did henrietta buy? 4 5 20 30 Get the answer
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!pls hurry i got only 5 mins left! which statements describe how multinational corporations influence the economy? choose three correct answers. the


Ehud Raghnall 1 Hours ago

!please help! when representing a frequency distribution with a bar chart, which of these bars will be the shortest? a. a bar representing a frequenc


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!pluto question! consider the explicit formulas for two sequences. f(n) = 2^(n – 1) - 1 g(n) = 3n + 6 which mathematical statement is correct? a. g(8