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- mariah is looking at her bank account and sees that she is in debt $40. she plans to buy dinner for several friends on friday at $5 per meal. on monday she earns $30.25 babysitting and $25.75 for tutoring several younger students. on tuesday, she cleans the apartment for her mom and earns $11 dollars. she spends $2 of those dollars on a candy bar. how many friends can she buy dinner for on friday? Get the answer
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- materials that become an integral part of a finished product and whose costs can be conveniently traced to it. - the way in which a cost reacts to c


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- math 1 b 2020 unit test unit test active 10 time remaining 01:55:30 ms. johnson uses a statistics program to analyze all the data collected by her


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- maya had $24. then she earned $6 every week for the next x weeks. write an expression for the number of dollars maya has after x weeks.