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"how to prevent onions from making you cry" 1 you should chill onions in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before peeling a chopping them. sulfuric vapors move slours in the cold shinik about how garbage smeis worse during hot weather 2 think about leaving the onion root intact until the last possible moment to prevent irritants from escaping into the at the root contains the largest concentration of sulfuric compounds in an orion 3. now you can chop or cut the orion with a sharp krite. fast, clean slicing posts less pressure on the onion issue and minimizes the release of sufuric compounds. a sharp knife also allons you to expeáte you slicing and reduce your exposure to the onion fumes. 4. if light a scented candie close to your chopping station, the hot fiame will attract tez-causing vzpor and will reduce the amount of vzpon circulating in the air which revision should be made to these instructions to make them more effective? Get the answer
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"human rights" has always been an excuse for the united states to violate other countries. many human rights violations in the united states are extre


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"human wants are greater than the resources that are available to satisfy them." this implies the need for es ) a) working harder. b) asking for less


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"i am the people, the mob" by carl sandburg which of the following best describes a theme of the text? a.) progress comes from gradual change and can