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a computer game company needs a clock to be integrated into a game scene. you have been hired to create a working clock mathematical with the shown radius. the tip of the second hands distance x cm and y cm from the left side of the shown box and the bottom of the box, respectively, depend on the number of seconds, t, since the second hand was pointing straight up. the second hand on my hw clock must turn with a period of 60 seconds and turn, of course, in the clockwise direction. Get the answer
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a computer has a memory unit with 32 bits per word and has 16 general-purpose registers. the instruction set consists of 135 different operations. som


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a computer has a price tag of $300. the store is giving you a 15% discount for the computer. find the discount and final price of the computer.


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a computer has many resources. a resource can be memory, disk drive, network bandwidth, battery power, or a monitor. it can also be system objects suc