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*please help hurry* what is cancer and how does it relate to the cell cycle? 2. what are proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, and how do they contribute to cancer? 3. what are some things that might make a person have a higher risk of developing cancer? 4. what are some of the major steps that occur in the progression from a single cancer cell to a tumor and then to many tumors spreading throughout the body? 5. as tumors grow and spread, the cells undergo a number of changes. how might the cells in a late stage tumor be diferent from the original cell that became cancerous? 6. why are diferent types of cancers named based on where in the body they originate (breast cancer, skin cancer, bone cancer, etc.)? why does it matter from which organ or tissue type the cancer developed? Get the answer
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*please help* at the north campus of a performing arts? school, 60?% of the students are music majors. at the south? campus, 20?% of the students ar


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*please help* an airplane flying parallel to the ground undergoes two consecutive dis- placements. the first is 75 km 30.0° west of north, and the se


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*please help* type the correct answer in each box. spell all the words correctly, and use numerals instead of words for numbers. if necessary, use /