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"here follow some verses upon the burning of our house, july 10th, 1666 relates the speaker's feelings about losing a home and belongings. over the course of the poem a distinctive voice emerges. voice refers to the poet's unique use of language that enables a reader to perceive the writer's feelings, attitudes, and personality. to determine a writer's voice, think about: • diction: what words did the writer choose? what images stand out?" . tone: what is the writer's attitude on the subject? • structure: how long are lines and stanzas? how does this impact meaning? Get the answer
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"hester is both enchanted by her daughter pearl and fearful. from a contemporary reader’s perspective, pearl seems like a playful, curious and spirite


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"hi, mum!" peter, as he himself down on the floor with a groan. said / was throwinghas said / is throwingwas saying / threwsays / has thrownsaid / ha


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"higher level professions require indepth knowledge, good skill, and special training." explain this statement with examples.