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"helen recently invested in real estate with the intention of selling the property one year from today. she has modeled the returns on that investment based on three economic scenarios. she believes that if the economy stays healthy, then her investment will generate a 30 percent return. however, if the economy softens, as predicted, the return will be 10 percent, while the return will be -25 percent if the economy slips into a recession. if the probabilities of the healthy, soft, and recessionary states are 0.7, 0.2, and 0.1, respectively, then what are the expected return and the standard deviation of the return on helen’s investment? (round answers to 3 decimal places, e. g. 0.125 and round intermediate calculations to 5 decimal places, e. g. 0.07680.) expected return standard deviation" Get the answer
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"here is a data set from a researcher at an urban university studying people’s attitudes toward environmental stewardship. one of the questions on the