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***please please please i need help with this please help*** write an argumentative paragraph that states your position on which painting better reflects the beliefs of the transcendentalist movement, durand’s or cole’s. use details from the painting and specific information about the movement. be sure to: • introduce a precise, knowledgeable claim with a topic sentence that clearly states your position. • develop your claim with relevant reasons and evidence. • use precise language and varied syntax to clarify the relationships between the painting and the transcendentalist movement. Get the answer
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**10 points please help** can each of the shapes below be expressed as a composite figure of equilateral triangles? select yes or no for each shape. a


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**10 points please help** find the approximate volume of the figure below, composed of a cone, a cylinder, and a hemisphere. if necessary, round your


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**10 points please help** the perimeter of ?pqr is 44 cm, and ?pqr ~ ?wxy. if pq = 12 and xy + wy = 24, what is the perimeter of wxy? complete the exp