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"help him up!": a witness's account of panic on a subway platform part a: which statement best expresses the central idea of this article? a. when a normal commute home is interrupted, it can cause lifelong fear and anxiety for new york city residents. b. some people will selflessly take extraordinary action to save people who are in danger because they feel responsible. c. after performing a heroic action, rescuers such as capuzzo and lindsey often become arrogant. d. new yorkers rarely help each other or show concern when tragedy strikes. Get the answer
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"harlem" - langston hughes (look up the words in green if you do not know the definition) what happens to a dream deferred? does it dry up like a rais


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"harlem" rhythm and repetition identify the pattern of stresses in lines 2–8. which words are emphasized by this rhythm?


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"harlow and colleagues' studies with infant rhesus monkeys reared in isolation demonstrated that, compared to monkeys reared normally with their mothe