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"get comfy this is long thank you", i learned about this today and i'm generally worried i have this but due to corona and stuff i don't think i'll be able to ask a doctor anytime soon. so i've had a habit of picking at my lips till they bleed since as long as i can remember and i've tried so many things to stop but none of them have worked, i learned of a condition called dermatillomania and basically it's a skin picking problem, as far as i have found it's on your body i haven't found if it had anything to do with excessively picking at ur lip, can anyone tell me, is it possible this is my problem? Get the answer
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"good morning to you, pretty maid." and, "twice good morning, sir", she said. says he to himself. tll be there by and by." since these stanzas are t


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"great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion." - martha graham what is the meaning of this quote?


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"green mountain power company obtained authorization to issue 20-year bonds with a face value of $10 million. the bonds are dated may 1, 2018, and hav