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) consider a router that interconnects four subnets: subnet 1, subnet 2, subnet 3 and subnet 4. suppose all of the interfaces in each of these four subnets are required to have the prefix 223.1.17/24. also suppose that subnet 1 is required to support at least 30 interfaces, subnet 2 is to support at least 100 interfaces, subnet 3 is to support at least 10 interfaces, subnet 4 is to support at least 10 interfaces. provide four network addresses (of the form a. b.c. d/x) that satisfy these constraints. show all your work. Get the answer
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) construct a spinner with red, yellow, blue, and green sectors, so the following probabilities are true. • the probability of landing on red is "1 4


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) create a matlab functionplotfun. m that plotsthe followingfunction:f(x, y) = -­?x * sin(sqrt(abs(x))) -­?y * sin(sqrt(abs(y)))the function should ha


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) dan bought 5 new baseball trading cards to add to his collection. the next day his dog ate half of his collection. there are now only 32 cards lef